October 2021 Update

October 2021 Update

Dear Classmates, check out these updates: 

  1. Classmate Updates. Check out the most recent updates from our classmates Tommi Scheler, Dianne (Owen) Bowman, John Pike, Mary Beth Ball, Susan Nerlinger, Jay Simon, Rick Schurman, Jane (Erbach) Kinney, Courtney (Moffatt) Brightbill, June (Miller) Wolf, Ralph Johnson, Dan Ficken, and Ben Hart for registering and adding your profiles. Check them out at: https://myevent.com/westhighclassof72/classmates
  2. Our Class Email List Continues to Grow: We now have 312 email addresses, 81 have signed up on the MyEvent website and 66 have added a profile. Please check out our “missing” classmates at: https://myevent.com/westhighclassof72/missing-classmates. Please send us (at westhighclassof72@gmail.com) any information that you might have to help us locate these classmates.
  3. All-Class Zoom Party Planned for Sunday, December 19, at 5 PM CST: Hold that date/time for our first “All-Class Zoom” party. We’ll send our more details in the November update.
  4. Donate to the Reunion: We have set up a place for classmates to donate to the cause, to help pay the planning costs (e.g., website, postage, supplies), keep the event affordable for all to be able to attend, and, if any funds remain after the event, donate to our alma mater. If you would like to donate, go to: https://myevent.com/westhighclassof72/donation.
  5. Keep in Touch: There are several ways for you to keep in touch as the reunion approaches:

Please keep in touch and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions—or if you’d like to join us in our monthly planning meetings.


Your 50th reunion planning committee*

*Betsy (Payton) Duren, Bob Emmerich, Ellen (Roenneburg) Emmitt, Laurie Levin, Bob Lucas, Sue (Greene) Meyer, Linda (Connelly) Peterson, Bear Phillips, Kate (L’Heureux) Remington, Pat Remington, Ginny Rohlich, Sandy Rotter, and Ken Saiki.