Ya'll Come

     Our 1st Annual WFHS Alumni Association Coyote Roundup will provide bountiful opportunities to renew friendships with classmates, interact with members of other classes and lay the groundwork for years of celebration and support for future gatherings and connections. Join us as we "Cherish the past and Build bridges to the future" in the Ray Clymer Exhibition Hall adjacent to the all new Delta Hotel and Convention Center.



     We come together to celebrate the centennial (100th anniversary) of Old High and the partnership we have shared with Midwestern State University for more than a century. Scholarships will be awarded to worthy students in this year's graduating class and representatives from Midwestern will be present to share their history and vision for the future.



a/o May 1, 2024


Revised Ticket Pricing and Agenda

Tickets to be repriced to reflect significant savings due to 1) our revised contract for less space and 2) generous support of several of our alumni - 

Graduates prior to 2015 - $35
Graduates between 2015-2024 - $20

For those who have already registered @ $48 per person we offer either of the following options:
1. The excess payment will be credited to the WFHSAA scholarship fund;
2. You may receive a free WFHSAA T-shirt for each ticket purchased;
3. You may receive a refund for the difference in price - $13 per ticket.

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Who's coming

About the organizer

       Our 1st Annual WFHS Alumni Association Coyote Roundup is hosted by the Class of '64 as we celebrate our 60th reunion. Volunteers from your new association include, Erin Nimitz '96, Renee Christie '64, Laura McConnell '90, David Gray '73, Luz Huerta Perez '15, Jan Schaaf '64, John Rhoads '64, Janice Scanlan '73, Claudia Edwards '64, Dee King '66, Diane Christie '64, and countless others who are eager to help us "Cherish the past ... as we Build Bridges to the Future.