Peer to Peer Fundraising Features

The most specialized and complete platform for Peer to Peer Fundraising websites!


  • Individual / Team Registration, Free or Paid
  • Fully customize registration form (age, t-shirt size, meal choice, etc.)
  • Waivers
  • Import participants
  • Set a registration cut off date
  • Email notifications

Participant fundraising pages

  • Each participant gets their own personal fundraising webpage with its own website address (URL)
  • Participant's picture, text, goal, progress indicator, and recent donors with comments
  • Participants can share their page with friends, family and colleagues via social networks, email, text, chat or other
  • Participants can update their profile and view a report of their donations
  • Email notifications

Team Fundraising Pages

  • Each team gets its own team webpage (URL)
  • Team's picture, text, goal, progress indicator, recent donors with comments and members list
  • Recent Donors to team members with comments
  • Team captains can update their profiles, manage members of their team and view a report of their donations
  • Email notifications

Goals and progress indicators

  • Set goals for participants, teams, and for the entire event
  • Progress indicators display on participant and team fundraising pages as well as on the homepage for the entire site


  • Separate leaderboards for participants and for teams
  • Choose many top leaders to display (show the top 3, top 10 or show all participants)

Participants List

  • Search for a participant or team
  • Allow visitors to find the personal fundraising page(s) of the person or team they want to donate to
  • Set the default sorting method (last name, first name or most recent)
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