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Simple pricing for individuals & non-profits

$39.95 / mo
Go yearly - Save 17%
3.0% platform fee
2.9% credit card fees
$0.75 per donation
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The #1 Platform to Manage Your Fundraiser

Paid Registrations

Have your event up and running in minutes and offer free or paid registrations.

Team Management

Manage team members, track what they've raised and get reports on their performance.

Donors can pay fees

Donors have the option to pay all the fees, so 100% of the donation goes to your cause.

Reports & Tax Receipts

Get detailed reporting on donations and registrations and issue tax receipts.

Manage Offline Donations

Include and manage offline donations corresponding to your campaigns.

Fundraise with Leaderboards

Encourage competition in a friendly way by using a leaderboard that tracks individuals and teams.

Promote Your Event

Promote your event through social media using tools built right into your website.

Customize Brand

Modify your page with your organization's logo and the colors that matches your brand.

Fundraise at Every Level

You can set goals for individuals, teams and the overall campaign.

How Will I Get My Funds?

Direct Deposit
per request
Takes 3-5 business days
per request
Takes 10 business days
All funds received are held for 14 days before they are available for withdrawal.
What is MyEvent?
MyEvent is an all-in-one event management platform for individuals, groups and non-profits. For over 16 years we’ve helped thousands of non-profits grow and raise more money than they could ever imagine. With hundreds of thousands of events, and tens of millions of dollars raised by our clients each year, MyEvent is the best choice when it comes to peer to peer fundraising.
Do I have to be a non-profit to use MyEvent?
You do not need to be a non-profit to raise money with MyEvent. Anyone can raise money for personal causes or for a friend in need; however, people also use our platform to raise money for non-profit organizations. MyEvent can issue tax receipts for registered non-profits, something most other crowdfunding companies do not offer.
Is MyEvent safe?
MyEvent has been online since 2002 and we use modern, secure payment encryption technology. We are a PCI compliant payment processor and follow strict industry standards' ensuring that the transmission of credit card information is maintained in a secure environment.
What about tax receipts?
What about tax receipts?You need to be a registered non-profit for us to issue tax receipts every time there is a donation made. We can also offer partial tax receipts for tickets to events.
Call us toll free from 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Monday to Friday


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