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List of Ideas For Virtual Fundraising During COVID-19
Due to the Corona Virus, charities have to be very creative with their fundraising. Many non-profit organizations are searching for an online fundraising solution because most traditional fundraisers do not respect the rules of social distancing during these challenging times. We have put together a list of ideas that will allow you to raise money for your charity while still respecting the norms mandated by most communities worldwide.

Online Raffles

Set up one of the oldest fundraising ideas around

If you can get your prize(s) donated you can maximize the proceeds of your raffle. If you must purchase your prize(s) try and do it with a vendor that is willing to heavily discount the prize. You can offer to promote their business in return for the prize which will increase their business. Another idea is to hold a 50/50 raffle where 50% of the proceeds of the raffle go to the winner and 50% goes to your charity.

Selling tickets online through will allow you to sell tickets to anyone around the world by major credit card and easily manage the raffle with clear and concise reports that can be downloaded at any time.

When it comes time to pick a winner you should invite all the people who purchased a raffle ticket to a live Zoom meeting where you can pick a winner. Use a website like to randomly select a winner. Copy and paste the list of names from your excel spreadsheet into the box on the website and click spin. It is that easy. The wheel of names will randomly select a winner on your live zoom call.

Virtual Walk A Thon or Exercise Event

Create your own peer to peer event easily

This is similar to any other peer to peer event but instead of doing the event all together, the participants are asked to do an activity on their own time. Examples are virtual walks or exercise programs.

The participant can easily register on your MyEvent website for free or for a fee and they get their own personal fundraising page that they can share with friend and family all over the world who they will ask to support your worthy cause.

Your MyEvent website can even track the virtual challenge, be it steps or some other activity. Go to to start your own virtual walk athon or other peer to peer event.

Virtual Bingo

Bingo night is a fun way to raise money for your cause

And you can do it safely and securely right from your home!

Create an online registration web page on where participants will pay to register for your event. Then use a website like to get virtual bingo cards and even call the bingo numbers. Use Zoom or another online video conferencing platform to allow everyone to participate at the same time.

This is a fun and great way to raise money through the registration fees and you can also add a donation button to your MyEvent website. If you can get prizes donated you can also combine this with a raffle or have prizes for winners.

Casino Night

Hold your own Virtual Casino Night

Set up online registration for a fee at and then use a platform like to conduct a virtual poker game.

The poker game can be with virtual chips with prizes or cash for the winner of the tournament. You can also sell raffle tickets at the same time for prizes or a 50/50 cash prize.

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