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Can I accept donations for free?

If you choose the "Donor pays the fees" option, all fees associated with transactions will be paid by the donor. You will receive the full amount of the donation.

Can I customize my donation form?

Yes. You can add custom questions to your donation form to gather additional information from your donors (T-shirt size, card style, or any preference, etc.)

What options are available for the donations feature?

The following options are available for donations:

  • Donor pays the fees
  • Goal and progress indicator
  • List of recent donors with donor comments
  • Pre-set donation levels (optional "other amount")
  • Minimum donation limit
  • Detailed real time reports
  • Customize thank you page and receipt email
  • Tax receipts (Works package only)
How do I sell tickets or accept registrations?

Selling tickets or accepting registrations is easy. Simply enter the basic details of your tickets or the registration for your event, like the name of ticket or registration, the price and what's included with the ticket or registration. You can customize the ticket or registration form to collect the specific information you need from your attendees.

Can I accept free registrations or sell free tickets or do I have to charge money for a registration or ticket?

Yes, you can accept free registrations or sell free tickets. You do not have to charge money for a ticket or registration. If you only have free tickets or registrations on a basic package, MyEvent is completely free to use.

What ticket options are available?

A wide range of advanced options are available for tickets such as:

  • Limit the number of tickets for sale
  • Display the number of tickets that remain available for sale
  • Schedule in advance when tickets go on sale or when tickets will no longer be available for purchase
  • Customize questions for ticket buyers (meal choices, T-shirt sizes, etc.)
  • Detailed real time reports
  • Customized thank you page and receipt email content
  • Tax receipts

Is there a limit to how many different tickets I can create?

No, there is no limit on the number of tickets. Create as many different tickets as you need.

Who can sell tickets online through for a raffle?

Only registered non-profits can sell tickets for a raffle on You should also see what the laws and rules are in your state or province and what permits you may require to conduct a raffle.

About MyEvent
Who is MyEvent? Inc. was founded in 2001 and launched online in 2002. is a secure PCI certified, registered payment facilitator and do-it-yourself website builder (SAAS) platform. We have a proven 20 year record of consistent 5 star customer ratings and testimonials, and we have hosted hundreds of thousands of events including fundraisers, walk-a-thons, corporate events, class and family reunions, personal events, and everything in between.

Who is MyEvent designed for?

Anyone can use MyEvent; Event organizers, Fundraisers, Non Profits, Organizations of all types, Companies, Groups, Families, and Individuals.

What is MyEvent designed for?

MyEvent is designed for people organizing events or fundraisers that need to sell tickets (offer registrations), accepting donations, conduct online raffles, organize class and family reunions, manage walk-a-thons, school fun runs and much more.

MyEvent offers a do-it-yourself website builder with a wide array of specialized event and fundraising features built into your website.

Who can use MyEvent?

Anyone can use MyEvent for a website or for free registrations and tickets. However, in order to accept payments through your website and to get paid out, you must live in USA or Canada.

How does MyEvent Work?

Create a simple one page site to sell tickets or accept donations, or a full featured, multi-page website for your event, campaign, organization or group. It’s incredibly fast and easy to get started selling tickets or accepting donations with MyEvent. Simply choose the type of event you are interested in from our homepage and then click on Get Started. If you have any questions throughout the process, we're here to help by email, chat or by phone.

Will my site work on mobile devices?

Yes. MyEvent sites are fully responsive and will work and look great on any device. Your user's will find it easy to purchase tickets, register, or to make a donation from their phones. You can even access your dashboard, manage your website, view reports and more from your phone or tablet.

What if I have questions or need help?

With MyEvent, you're never on your own. We offer free support for all packages. Our knowledgeable and friendly support staff have the answers to any questions you may have and are here to help you. You can reach us by email, live chat, or by phone. Contact us here.

Can I create a site in more than 1 language?

Yes. Myevent allows you to create a site with different versions for different languages. This feature is available in the "Works" package only.

Can I try it out before I purchase my site?

Yes, you can completely try out the platform before you buy your site. MyEvent offers a 7 day free trial on all paid packages, no credit card required.

Does MyEvent offer any guarantee?

Yes, MyEvent offers a "No hassle 30-day money back guarantee" on all hosting fees (does not include purchased domain names or transaction fees on tickets and donations).

How long does it take to create a site for my event?

Creating a website using the MyEvent platform can take anywhere from minutes to hours. This depends on your package, how many pages your website has and how much content you need it to show. Basic packages are 1 page and can be setup in literally minutes. For premium packages with multiple pages, generally speaking once you have decided on the pages, content, and photos, most sites can be setup within an hour.

How much does it cost?

MyEvent offers several packages both free and paid to suit your needs.

Basic packages are one page websites that allow you to sell tickets or receive donations. Basic packages are free to sign up, and always free if you are selling free tickets or registrations. You are only charged a fee when you sell a paid ticket or receive a donation. Fees are taken from the transaction, therefore there are never any out of pocket expenses for Basic packages.

Premium packages are complete multi-page websites with even more features and start at $14.95 per month. Discounted packages are also available for annual and multi year subscriptions.

Visit our Pricing page for specific pricing/feature options.

How does buyer pays fees work?

This optional feature allows you to pass the transaction and processing fees to your users. Instead of deducting the fees from the price of the ticket or the amount of the donation, your users will be asked to pay the fees in addition to the initial amount. This feature can be turned off, presented as an option to the user (donations only), or forced on the user. It's your choice.

Do you offer any discount for registered non-profit organizations?

Yes. Myevent offers a special discounted rate for registered non-profits: 2.0% platform fees, 2.9% processing fees and $0.50 per ticket / donation.

How long does it take to get paid out?

All transactions are held for 10 business days before they are available for payout.

When do I get paid out the funds I collected through my website?

There are 2 options to get paid out.

  • You can request a payout by clicking a button in your dashboard.
  • You can set an automatic payout threshold so when your funds reach the preset amount, you will automatically receive a payout.

How do I receive the money I collect through my website?

There are 3 options to be paid out:

  • Direct deposit ($2.50 per direct deposit)
  • Check via mail ($3.50 per check)
  • Wire transfer ($30 per wire transfer)

Do I need a Paypal account or any other account to use MyEvent and to get paid out?

No. You don't need a Paypal account or any other 3rd party account. MyEvent pays you out directly to your bank account or by check.

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Why MyEvent?

Lowest Fees

We offer the best rates in the industry for web hosting and credit card processing.

Safe & Secure

We are a PCI compliant payment processor, online since 2002 and we use modern, secure payment encryption technology.

Fast & Easy Setup

Sign up for free and start building your website in minutes. It's so easy to use our platform, anyone can do it.

Toll Free Phone Support

We offer toll free phone support, Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.


One Stop Shop

Easily make your website with built-in features to manage your event or fundraiser and accept payments all with one company.


22 Years Online

Since 2002 we've helped thousands of organizers plan and host their events through our websites.

What Our Clients Say


We are launching our inaugural event to raise funds for water purification systems to be placed in third world villages. I needed a website built on top of a platform well suited for ticket sales and donations. After reviewing several SaaS providers, I chose Rob is a pleasure to work with and has a team that is responsive and inventive. I'll be using MyEvent for the many years to come.
Jon Kaufman, CA, US

Walk and Wag for Veterans

I have to say what an absolute pleasure it has been to work with you guys these past two years. I never feel like I'm in it alone! Everyone there is always very helpful and supportive, and the response time is incredibly fast. Thank you!
Tisha B., Chelmsford, MA

San Clemente City Lifeguards

We've found your event site to be wonderful to work with, and easy to navigate. The price is outstanding and I have already recommended your site to a few others. Keep up the good work!
Sarah Pollak, San Clemente, CA

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