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3 Easy Steps To Have An Online Raffle For Your Charity


Select Prizes For Your Online Raffle

Get your prize(s) donated and increase the amount of money your raffle will raise for your non-profit. If you need to buy your prize(s) negotiate with suppliers that will offer discounts in exchange for promoting the supplier’s business.

Another idea is to hold a 50/50 raffle where 50% of the proceeds of the raffle go to the winner and 50% goes to your charity. This is great because it is an all cash raffle that does not require any other prizes.

Selling raffle tickets online through the platform will allow you to sell tickets to people around the world by major credit card and easily manage the raffle with clear and concise live reports that you can download at any time.


Create Your Raffle Ticket(s) On

Create a raffle ticket(s) online in a minute on You can decide if you want to limit the number of tickets sold, add a description of the prize and explain where the proceeds of the raffle are going.


Picking the Raffle Winner

Invite all the people who purchased a raffle ticket online to a Zoom meeting where you will pick a winner. Use a website like to randomly select a winner. Copy and paste the list of names from your report into the box on the website and click spin. It is that easy. The wheel of names will randomly select a winner on your live zoom call. There are other ways to pick a winner such as putting all the names in a hat or a box but this is the easiest way.

Great for Church Raffles, School Raffles, Raffles For Your PTO/PTA, Raffles For Any Non Profit Organization

Make your Online Raffle for FREE

There is no cost to create your online Raffle on Take advantage of our non-profit rates of 4.9% + .50 (includes platform and credit card processing fees). You can even include these fees in the ticket price so 100% of the money goes to your charity. Set up your raffle tickets online in less than 1 minute!

MyEvent has been helping charities with online fundraising for more than 21 years. If you have any questions about how to sell raffle tickets online or any other online fundraisers, please Contact Us.

Fundraising Raffle Regulations

When conducting an online raffle you should check your local and state regulations to make sure you are allowed to conduct a raffle and what permits you may need to obtain.

Other Online Raffle Ideas

Wine Raffle

This is a good school fundraiser. The PTA or PTO asks families to each donate a bottle of wine for the raffle. The bottles of wine can be assembled into types of wine (Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay etc…). The PTA or PTO sells the raffle tickets online for $20 which is the price of a decent bottle of wine. You can either have one grand prize winner that wins all the bottles in which case you can market the raffle as an instant Wine Cellar or you can make a First, Second and Third prize dividing up all the bottles accordingly. Depending on how many donated wines you have and how many raffle tickets you sell, this approach makes a great fundraiser because it’s almost all profit. Alternatively it can be an alcohol raffle that also allows different types of whiskey, vodka or any type of alcohol.

Art Raffle

This can work similarly to the wine raffle. If it is for the benefit of a school, the PTO or PTA asks families to each donate a piece of art that will be the prizes for the raffle. You can make different categories if some of the art is of a higher value and sell raffle tickets online at different prices. You can also ask local artists to donate their art for the auction and offer them exposure to their work in return. You can either make many prizes for multiple winners or a grand prize winner who will have an instant art collection.

Gift Basket Raffle

Try and get cool items donated, including local business gift cards and make a Gift Basket that will be very desirable. You may need to spend a portion of the proceeds to buy certain items. You can have several gift baskets and offer a First, Second and Third Prize or just a grand prize. Make sure to highlight all the items. The raffle ticket prices will depend on the value of the items in the basket. Sell the raffle tickets online to maximize reach.

Examples of Online Raffles

SHMD Local Business Gift Card 50/50
Whitby Wildcats Raffle
Trivia Night Raffle
UPMASA-SE Raffle 2023
Evangeline Chamber of Commerce 2021 Raffle
Fish Fry Basket Raffle

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