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Fundraise for Emergencies & Accidents

Serious accidents and emergencies happen all the time, especially when we’re not ready for them. Whether it’s an accident, medical emergency or a natural disaster, asking your friends and family for help with an emergency fundraiser can make all the difference when dealing with life’s unexpected costs.   

Emergency Fundraiser Ideas

Many people turn to MyEvent to get support for:  

  • Natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods & fires.
  • Car accidents, house fires & unexpected medical bills.
  • Loss of job, lack of housing, supplies & recovery.
Help The Rapid Relief Team Continue To Bring Hope To The Hurricane Harvey Victims!

How It Works


Start your emergency fundraiser in minutes. Asking for help is not easy, but you'll be surprised on how your friends and family are more than happy to help you get back on your feet.  


Share your fundraiser with friends and family through Facebook, email & text messages. Ask your supporter to share your campaign with their networks as well.

Keep It Up

Maintain the momentum. Keep your supporters engaged by posting frequent updates, sharing your fundraiser and being thankful for the support you're receiving.

Trending Emergency Fundraisers

Help for Lexis
By: Rachael Yeater
Lexis is our female German Shepard, and so much part of our family. She has so much love for all humans and fellow animals alike. She loves to play with other dogs, enjoys playing fetch, walks, swimming and a great belly rub.  She has had it tough her whole life, being diagnosed with anal fistula at an early age; yet the last couple months have been the hardest on her and our family.  She had come down with a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) about 2 months ago. After her antibiotics for the UTI were complete she started to lose her ability to have a bowel movement. We took her in to the vet and found out she had a megacolon and her bowel was backed up into her intestines.  We had her stay with the vet to work out what they could in her intestines and colon. That helped but only till she got backed up again. We had to take her to the Animal Hospital for another procedure. It was, again, not fully successful on the issues with her colon. We are back at square one with only a major surgery that can help with all of her issues. As of now, $4000 later, we are giving her home enemas, IV bags, to help keep her organs & muscles hydrated, b12 shots and more....along with a special diet. Nothing is truly working as we hoped, even with lots of prayers, but We are not about to give up on our dear Lexis. I feel there is help with a surgery that the Animal Hospital can do, but we are all out of funds to help Lexis. I am hoping to raise funds to help with the next possible step to save our beautifully wonderful, loving and playful dog, Lexis. With any help you can give, it is extremely helpful and we are  grateful for any bit that can be given to keep our Lexis alive for many more years.  God Bless you and we are hoping for the best.  Sincerely, Rachael Yeater                     ❤ Lexis   
Sandwich, IL, US
$400 raised of $3,500 Read more
Scott's Eye Surgery
By: Kaye Rhodes
Scott is my "first born".  At the age of 4, we found out he has diabetes. His father & I were totally dumb founded, afterall we were only 23 (kids ourselves!) and had no clue what the disease was or how it would change our lives. He is now 48 years old, and has been very fortunate with his health, but the disease has it effects, and sooner or later will show up.  About a month ago his eye tests showed the blood vessels in his left eye were about ready to burst. He is not working and lives with me (Mom) so obviously we live on my social security and my seasonal job with the local tax service. He has no insurance, and has been going to the City Mission Medical for his healthcare, and they have been so great & are really trying to help find him more assistance.  The problem is in Nebraska medicaid is only available if you have children, he did not qualify for "Obama Care" as he had no income, and if you have ever tried to get assistance thru the State, well, its slow. Without insurance, they want money up front...which is tough! The VERY GOOD news is, with surgery what site he has left, can be saved, and with lazer treatments, his right eye will stay healthy. His surgery is scheduled for Jan 18th, I do not know for sure what it will cost, because that really doesn't matter, whether I have the money or not, it has to be done.  Scott does have a welding degree, loves hunting & fishing with his brother, and is constantly doing puzzles & crossword puzzles . . so losing site in one eye would be tough (as it would for anyone). We both appreciate so very much whatever help you can give hime at this time.  Thank you.
Denton, NE, US
$745 raised of $3,000 Read more

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We are launching our inaugural event to raise funds for water purification systems to be placed in third world villages. I needed a website built on top of a platform well suited for ticket sales and donations. After reviewing several SaaS providers, I chose MyEvent.com. Rob is a pleasure to work with and has a team that is responsive and inventive. I'll be using MyEvent for the many years to come.
Jon Kaufman, CA, US

Walk and Wag for Veterans

I have to say what an absolute pleasure it has been to work with you guys these past two years. I never feel like I'm in it alone! Everyone there is always very helpful and supportive, and the response time is incredibly fast. Thank you!
Tisha B., Chelmsford, MA

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We've found your event site to be wonderful to work with, and easy to navigate. The price is outstanding and I have already recommended your site to a few others. Keep up the good work!
Sarah Pollak, San Clemente, CA

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