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Raise Money for Medical Bills & Healing Expenses.

When life strikes you or your loved ones with an unexpected illness or injuries, medical bills and healthcare costs can quickly ramp up. Starting a medical fundraiser with MyEvent is easy and can provide you the means to support yourself or a loved one in need.    

Medical Fundraiser Ideas

People frequently use MyEvent to raise money for:

  • Cancer  treatment options, chemotherapy, radiation and alternative  treatments.
  • Hospital  bills not covered by your insurance company.
  • Surgery  expenses.
  • Hospice  care or other medical visits.
  • Mobility  expenses, physical therapy after an accident.
  • Research,  to help find a cure for any condition.
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How It Works


Create a fundraiser in minutes. Use a descriptive title, give as much details of the medical issue as you can, explain how the funds will be used and how they're helping you or a loved one in need.


Share your fundraiser with friends and family through Facebook, email & text messages. Ask your supporter to share your campaign with their networks as well.

Keep It Up

Maintain the momentum. Keep your supporters engaged by posting frequent updates, sharing your fundraiser and being thankful for the support you're receiving.

Trending Medical Fundraisers

Itay Ask For Healing
By: Tal Vered
קצת על איתי, או יותר נוח תזכורת לכל מי שלא מכיר את מסע חיינו ולמה יצאנו אליו: איתי נהוראי נולד לאחר היריון מדהים. (מציין חיסון שעלת+דיפתריה+טטנוס+שפעת+OPV) תקין.  ללא סיבוכים. לידה באסף הרופא עם אפגר 10 מ10. שוחרר הביתה לאחר 3 ימים עם מעקב צהבת כמעט כמו כל תינוק שני. אגב: הרבה לא יודעים בכלל אז נאמר ש-למה צהבת שכיחה בלידה כל כך ? הבילירובין גבוה מפני שיש להם ריבוי כדוריות דם שלגוף אין בהם צורך אחרי לידה ואז הוא מפנה אותם בצואה בעיקר אבל חלק נשאר בכבד וגורם לצהבת קלה....שחולפת. איתי עד גיל 3 חודשים התנהג כמו תינוק נורמלי. ידיים פתוחות,התהפך בגיל שלושה שבועות,הסתכל ישר ללא פזילה,ללא העדפת צד עם הראש...תינוק סימטרי. בתאריך 12.12.15 קיבל חיסון של גיל חודשיים. ירך ימין - טטנוס + דיפטריה + שעלת + שיתוק ילדים ירך שמאל -המופילוס אינפלואנזה + פנוימוקוק טיפות - רוטה בתאריך 31.12.15 איתי התחיל לפזול. חודש לאחר מכן ראשו העדיף להסתכל ימינה 99% מהזמן...וכן הלאה(איבד יכולות מוטוריות,שמיעה נחלשה,הבחנה בסביבה נחלשה ועוד...)... בגיל 8 חודשים אובחן עם תסמונת AHDS. כשל גנטי נדיר במינו בכל העולם. כשל שבו הורמוני בלוטת התריס לא נקלטים בגוף ובמוח ופוגעים בהתפתחות בצורה קשה מאוד. -- עד כאן סיפור כיסויי השקר הגדול של עולם הרפואה המנוול -- יצאנו למסע ריפוי שבו הוכחנו לעצמנו כמה השקר גדול סביבנו. יקרים שלי ! זה התחיל מפרויקט אישי והפך לפרויקט חיים עבור אלפיי משפחות. אני 24/7 בתוך זה , סביב איתי, סביב למידה, סביב חקירה, אין לי משהו אחר, נשבע לכם.  ולכן זה צריך להיות הדדי. תודה לכם על כל התמיכה עד היום ובהמשך, אתם נותנים לי את הכוח להמשיך ...   משפחת ורד
Huntington Beach, CA, US
$940 raised of $50,000 Read more
Help pay for my Scolibrace !
By: cayla gorham
Hi! My name is Cayla Gorham, and this is my story. My mother, Elizabeth Gorham was 5 months pregnant when she found out that i had AVSD (Artil Ventric Septal Defect) and Situs Inversus, which means my internal organs are reversed in my body. But only my stomach, liver, and spleen are reversed. Along with this, i was born one month premature, but was lucky enough to weigh 9lbs and 4 oz. I was also 21 inches long. I lost a pound before i was able to leave the hospital after 10 days in the NICU. I had to be fed every 2 hours with an eyedropper because i would get tired and fall asleep from regular nursing. They decided that i needed to weigh atleast 20 lbs before i could have my first open heart surgery, but I made it to 11 pounds and unfortunetly wasn't able to gain anymore by 5 months old. I had many holes in my heart so it was like i only had one chamber instead of four, meaning EVERYTHING in my heart were mixing together. During the open heart surgery they had created walls within my heart from my Pericardium sack that surrounds my heart which then grew into chamber like muscle.They also implanted a pacemaker right below my ribcage in the middle of my abdomen to regulate my heart. Once i turned 5, i had to go back into surgery for a replacement battery, and then again for a third surgery for another replacement battery at 9. Once we moved to Texas, after a few years, we got an X-ray for my back which we disovered i had Scoliosis. I'll get to that in a minute. In 2016, on the X-ray, we saw that one of my leads (wires) were broken so we went to the Hospital again to mark my 4th surgery. This time they put in a Defibulator-Pacemaker under my collarbone. Now about my Scoliosis, i have 2 major curvatures in my spine, and now that im getting taller, my spine is starting to rotate everything and my ribs are starting to jolt out on my right side. My chiropractor recommended a Scolibrace (3D back brace to fit my specific scolosis) , which is a 3 hour round trip there and back , which we JUST found out that it is $4,000 which needs to be paid in 3-4 WEEKS! , plus the monthly travel expenses. I am coming on here to try to get help for my parents to pay for my medical bills and or the travel expenses. My medical expenses have cost thousands if not a million dollars yet since birth. And i would really love to help them with this bill. And although we usually have good insurance, not everything is covered and we have a really high deductible. Anything is very much appriciated ! Please help me to help them !
San Antonio, TX, US
$370 raised of $6,000 Read more

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We are launching our inaugural event to raise funds for water purification systems to be placed in third world villages. I needed a website built on top of a platform well suited for ticket sales and donations. After reviewing several SaaS providers, I chose MyEvent.com. Rob is a pleasure to work with and has a team that is responsive and inventive. I'll be using MyEvent for the many years to come.
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We've found your event site to be wonderful to work with, and easy to navigate. The price is outstanding and I have already recommended your site to a few others. Keep up the good work!
Sarah Pollak, San Clemente, CA

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